Cheryl is a bombshell in her early twenties whose face and body make her a natural contender for inclusion in a topshelf magazine (or, as we are in the Internet era, as a model for an erotica themed website). A naturally ravishing beauty, with a face that can easily switch between angelic and kinky, Cheryl has sparkling hazel eyes, soft cheeks, and glitzy long platinum blonde hair, with a killer smile that will captivate you as she tempts you into exploring the unquenchable limits of her sexuality. Always well dressed with a wide selection of smart outfits designed to impress, Cheryl stands at about 5’5″ in height, and has a perfectly proportioned size 8-10 figure, with a pair of all-natural 32EE breasts, skin, and a pair of well-toned legs to round off her package of feminine delights.

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