Latest News and Site Updates

30 March 2015: Our final photo and profile update for the month is for Bethany.

26 March 2015: Profile information and photos now up for Jade - if you remember Ashley, then we definitely think you'll love Jade.

18 March 2015: Our latest profile update is for the new Saturday lady, Sarah.

14 March 2015: Tanya has had a photo update for her profile.

4 March 2015: A new series of photos is now up for Phoebe (an additional set will follow next month).

1 March 2015: New photos now up for Hayley.


A booking system is available if you would like to reserve a specific slot with a lady. To avoid disappointment, it is worth using this system, as some ladies are exceptionally popular so appointments for certain periods in the day get taken up fairly quickly.

As always, we love interviewing new ladies- if you are interested in joining us, feel free to give us a call or send an e-mail.