Location and Travel Info

We are situated in the eastern part of Didsbury Village, on the corner of Wilmslow Road and Elm Street. Our sole entrance is via a rear passage connected to Elm Grove - if you go about 15 metres down the alley, there is a clearly signposted metal gate with the address and a KSG sign leading up to a staircase with a privacy screen at the top by the main door.

Travelling by Rail or Metrolink ...

The closest railway station is "Didsbury East", running on the Picadilly Station - Manchester Airport line. This station is near to the Parrs Wood entertainment complex, and is within 10 minutes walking distance from Didsbury. If you prefer to travel on the Metrolink tram system, then the "Didsbury Village" station is 2 minutes away from us.

Travelling by Bus ...

The following GMPTE bus routes have stopping points within 50 metres of our premises:

23-23A: The Trafford Centre - Stockport
42-42A-142: Reddish - Stockport - East Didsbury- Manchester
171: West Didsbury - Newton Heath
194: Longsight - Wythenshawe Hospital
195: West Didsbury - Northendon Circular
196: West Didsbury - Heald Green Circular
370: Altrincham - Stockport
X57: Woodford - Manchester

Travelling by Car ...

Didsbury is within easy reach of several arterial roads, including the A34/Kingsway, M56, M60, Barlow Moor Road and Palatine Road. Convenient parking is available throughout the village, with a free car park being located behind the restaurant directly across from us.